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A game thatís more than just a game - a life changing experience - Phenomenal. 

Tony Franklyn



A blueprint for future games, intriguingly good fun.   Uncomplicatedly perplexing.

Hannah Baker

Art Teacher


A thought provoking game that a player actively participates in at all times.  Where one's spiritual thoughts can sometimes lead another player to make the right decisions.  I enjoyed every minute of it and loved my winning messages.

Joan Gardner 

Retired Social Worker


This is a game that makes you change your life.  

Graham Millett

Director of a mental health charity, Brighton.


The people you play this game with will know you better than you know yourself.  My winning message really spoke to me.

Sue Bishop

PA and Astrologer


Itís much more than a game-itís a Quest and after a while it dawns on you that youíre playing not just with other players but with angels as well.  Forget skill and luck and just go with the flow!

Monica Lloyd

Psychologist and Reiki Healer


I made decisions by trusting my own thoughts and intuition.  Once you play the game you want to exercise these skills again and again. 

A game with a tremendous difference.

Suzanne Hale

Youth Project Manager


Refreshingly enjoyable game to play where extraordinary things happen.  The first in fact where I didnít mind losing.

Hannah Mead

Counseling Social Therapist


A beautiful game to play.  So much thought has gone in to providing depth and insight for those who are already on their journey, and enlightenment for those who are just beginning.

Ali Plowright

Psychotherapist and Performance Coach.


Our Bristol Reiki groups found Gift of Enlightenment fun and thought provoking. 

Lianne Holmes

Reiki Master, Careers Adviser



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